APO Annual Forum: Program slides and videos

APO’s inaugural Annual Forum brought together policy makers, researchers, and industry experts from all over Australia to discuss the many issues facing evidence, expertise and information access in public policy and practice.

Entitled ‘Evidence, impact and access to knowledge for policy and practice’, the forum was held on the 28th of November in Melbourne. It covered a wide range of topics, including: evidence, impact and the policy process; data, tools and platforms for access and analysis of policy issues; the challenges of information access and use; and improving the system for better public policy and access to knowledge.

Delegates engaged with panel speakers at the conclusion of each session – creating open and lively debate on critical issues. A networking lunch provided delegates with the opportunity to connect with others across a range of industries and disciplines.

The forum concluded with the APO’s 15 year anniversary celebrations, where we were delighted to host many of our valued partners, supporters, authors and researchers, publishers and readers, to celebrate our many successes this year. We would like to thank all those who attended and our wonderful presenters for contributing their time and expertise.

Download the full APO Forum Program 2017 – including profiles of all 15 esteemed speakers and chairs. Slides and videos from the forum are now available. 

Video and Slides

Slides are below and all the videos are available on APO here

Not all speakers in all sessions presented with slides. For those that did the slides are below. Slide images have been added to the videos of the sessions but not all slides may be included so these slides may be a useful reference.

Session 1. Evidence, impact, public policy and social innovation

Pfeffer-Session1-Policy-presentation PDF

APO-forum-2017-ssession1-Matt-ryan-slides – PPT

Session 2. Data tools and platforms

APO-forum-2017-Session2-jane-farmer – PPT

Session 3. Advocacy and access


session 3 Robin Wright APO_unis©change_281117rw – PPT

Slides from Sue McKerracher to come

Session 4. Evidence-based policy

apo-forum-2017-session4-Gruen-slides PDF

apo-forum-2017-session4-Gruen-slides – PPT



Videos of each session were recorded and slides added. These are now being uploaded and links will be online asap

Session 1. Evidence, impact, public policy and social innovation

Session 2. Data tools and platforms

Session 3. Advocacy and access

Session 4. Evidence-based policy