Regulation Policy & Practice Collection and monthly newsletter

The new Regulation Policy & Practice Collection and free monthly newsletter are the result of a fruitful partnership between APO and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). Monica Pfeffer, Director of Practitioner Engagement at ANZSOG and Penelope Aitken, Collections Editor at APO, explain.

The Regulation Policy & Practice Collection cover image on APO

One fish asks another fish, ‘how’s the water?’ The other fish replies, ‘what’s water?’ Regulation is so ubiquitous we take it for granted. Virtually every aspect of our lives is regulated, from the air we breathe to the time of day on our watches or phones, the houses and streets we live in, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the shops we visit and the money or credit cards we use in them, our family relationships, our workplaces and so on. When it works seamlessly, regulation promotes trust and allows us to carry on our lives oblivious to regulatory policy-making and the implementation work of countless regulatory agencies. Regulation attracts the attention of the wrong sort under two circumstances: when clumsiness, or overreach, or unjustified burden result in calls for ‘red tape reduction’; and conversely, when there are major regulatory failures (recently, banks, aged care and building cladding) and the cry of ‘asleep at the wheel’ is heard.

Making regulation accessible

ANZSOG has long been committed to advancing the craft of effective, evidence-based regulation. One dimension of this commitment has been supporting a National Regulators Community of Practice (NRCoP), which brings together more than 4,000 practicing regulators and regulatory policymakers from every level of government, sector and role.

The NRCoP has now joined with APO to bring curated, high quality, influential regulation policy and practice resources to its members. A special purpose collection drawing on APO’s existing resource library (and more, which will be added over time), the Regulation Policy & Practice Collection on APO is designed for regulators in Australia and New Zealand to learn from and with each other. Resources in the Collection represent the work of national, local and state and territory Australasian governments, regulatory agencies and external institutions conducting monitoring, inquiries and reviews, as well as from international bodies such as the OECD, the World Bank and more.

NRCoP members will receive a monthly newsletter produced in partnership with APO. New content is drawn from the Collection and complemented by an article from an experienced regulator.

The Regulation Policy & Practice Collection and monthly newsletter is an excellent example of applying important content to a practical use. APO is a trusted source of curated policy content and ANZSOG brings world class education, research and thought leadership to public managers to deliver better government and better outcomes.

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Monica Pfeffer is the Director of Practitioner Engagement at ANZSOG. Monica came to ANZSOG after 27 years in the Victorian public service where she held a variety of positions, principally in the now-Department of Health and Human Services and its predecessors as well as the Department of Premier and Cabinet.