Add a resource on APO – never easier

APO has amassed a valuable collection of policy resources through our open source approach – in other words, with help from our policy community. These contributions continue to grow a repository that is widely used by policymakers and researchers. We’ve now made it even easier to add a resource. If you’ve uploaded resources to APO, many thanks from us. If you haven’t yet, we look forward to your contribution.

Add a resource – simplified!

Recently we made some changes to our Add a resource form. These changes are designed to save you time and effort, while still providing us with essential information about the resource so our editors can catalogue it quickly for you. Contributors now need to provide:

  • Title of the resource – we may make some minor edits to this such as applying sentence case or breaking up into Title or Sub-title
  • Resource type – is it a report? An Article? Please let us know what you think (even if you’re not certain)
  • File – by uploading the document (e.g. pdf), or adding a URL to the content on an external site.

Frequent contributors will notice we no longer require author and publisher names, rights information and some other elements. These fields will now be completed by our expert editors who apply consistency to our metadata, to ensure resources are fully searchable across APO. And, of course, this saves you a few precious minutes in your day. Win, win! If there is some additional information you want to provide, send an email to and one of the team will respond.

If you’d like to learn how to contribute, or just need a refresher, follow our simple Contribute steps.

Growing our subject terms

You also have the option of selecting Subject terms too. The subjects are taken from the APO Subject Taxonomy on our website – these help users to search and explore topics.

APO’s Subject Taxonomy was built with the help of our user community, and user suggestions are still needed to ensure that our topic search provides good coverage, uses familiar terminology, and keeps up to date with the latest lingo. That’s why we have introduced a new Subject suggestion box where you can suggest new terms. You can add any text you like to the Subject suggestion box – if you have more than one suggested term for a resource, make sure you select ‘Add Another Item’ button to do so.

Your suggested subject will be sent to APO and, after moderation, may be added to the resource subjects and, potentially, the APO Subject Taxonomy.

Many thanks again to all those who contribute to APO!

New Subject suggestion box