Meet Xin – an APO intern with a passion for culture

Zhao Xin (Xin) is undertaking his Masters of Cultural and Creative Industries in the School of Media, Film and Journalism at Monash University. As the final subject of his course he’s completing a Workplace Industry Learning (WIL) internship at Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO).

Zhao Xin, APO Intern 2019

During his placement, Xin is working on APO’s Cultural Policy & Creative Industries Collection with a focus on:

  • Auditing local government cultural policies for Australian states and capital cities by mapping timelines for each jurisdiction’s strategy cycle and adding any missing strategies, and
  • Cataloguing cultural policies and strategies from Asia and translating Chinese and Korean language policy into English.

‘I am passionate about culture, and how it is used in everyday life. The role of culture and creative economies is my major focus, and through this, I’ve gained a deep understanding of how culture is used as a tool to reactivate the economy,’ says Xin.

‘Here at APO, I’m collecting content for the Cultural Policy & Creative Industries Collection. Through this role, I hope to grasp an insight into cultural policy and its impact on society. In the future I’d love to work in the research and advisory sector of cultural and creative industries, to support the growth of culture and arts,’ he says.

We warmly welcome Xin to our team this semester and value his unique skills as well as his fresh, international student insights into APO as a whole.