APO user experience updates

We’ve been busy here at APO! The team has been making upgrades to APO and we’d like to show you some of our improvements…

Things that you can now do

Resources on APO

  • Citation tool: Download a citation for resources.
  • Pageviews: See how many times a resource has been viewed.
  • Related and Based On: Browse related resources suggestions.
APO pageviews and citation tool

APO Collections

  • Featured box: See the resource that has been highlighted by our Editors on a Collection page.
Featured box (APO Digital Health Systems Collection)

APO Briefings

  • In Case You Missed It: Find relevant and important research selected by our Editors in APO Daily and Weekly Briefings.

And behind the scenes…

  • Our website is more secure (APO goes HTTPS).
  • Our file storage has been improved to cope with our ever-increasing collection of resources.
  • Our website has been tune-ed to perform faster.
  • Our content is now more discoverable by search engines like Google.

But do you like it?

We want to know how we can best help you find the information you need. That’s why we have been listening carefully to your user experiences from both our newsletters and on the website.

  • APO Briefings: Recently some of our Daily Briefing readers had the opportunity to tell us what they like about APO’s newsletter service, and where we can do better. Watch out for these improvements coming to your Inbox soon.
  • APO Search: We are currently running a survey to find out what you think of the APO website’s Search feature. Next time you are searching for a resource, click on the red bar at the bottom of your screen and let us know how you found your experience.
APO Search survey

Our team is constantly looking for ways to help you with your research needs. Contact us with your ideas and feedback at admin@apo.org.au – your opinion matters to us.