Swinburne names APO a ‘Change Maker’

Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) has been named as a ‘Change Maker’ by Swinburne University of Technology (Swinburne) in a publication featuring 15 research impact case studies. APO is highlighted as digital provider of ‘better information for more people‘ in case studies covering diverse research areas, from astrophysics to homelessness.

Swinburne’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Development), Professor Aleksandar Subic

The release of the publication was announced by Swinburne’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Development), Professor Aleksandar Subic.

‘I am pleased to let you know that we have published Change Makers – a compilation of 15 diverse stories of research impact from across Swinburne that showcases some of our most inspiring and transformative outcomes,’ said Professor Subic.

‘These case studies showcase how innovative research and strong partnerships can create positive real-world change in industry and the community,’ he said.

Better information for more people

APO is featured as one of three digital providers of ‘better information for more people’ alongside current affairs publication Inside Story and youth election coverage monitor UniPollWatch. These three enterprises were all ‘born digital’ and collect and organise information to make it more discoverable and usable in new ways.

Originally named ‘Australian Policy Online’, APO began at Swinburne in 2002 as an open access database for policy research. Awarded the ‘Best Information Website’ at the 2014 Australian and New Zealand Internet Awards, APO has grown from humble beginnings to having more than 4.2 million users from around the world, with 16.4 million page views.

At the time of writing, APO hosted an impressive 38,928 policy resources in 1,264 subjects, contributed by more than 6,000 institutions and almost 27,000 authors – numbers that continue to grow steadily year on year.

APO’s comprehensive array of policy contributors includes government departments and agencies, research centres, think tanks, civil society organisations, consultants, research companies and academic publishers from all around the world. Many organisations have also joined as partners and APO Collection sponsors.

Change Makers case study booklet

Change Makers is a compilation of 15 diverse case studies of research impact from across Swinburne University. This research is in line with Swinburne University’s Research and Innovation Strategy – ‘Transforming Industries, Shaping Lives and Communities’, and the Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Engagement and Impact Assessment agenda. Enquiries about this publication can be made to Swinburne Research.