APO data live in Research Data Australia

After a long project we are very pleased to say that APO as a database as well as all of the datasets we host are now able to be searched and accessed via Research Data Australia.

And we have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for APO so if you want to cite APO as a whole – if you are perhaps writing about the importance of open access databases as a source of evidence for public policy or that you used APO overall for a project –  please include doi.org/10.4225/50/5b15c09dbc286 in your reference as it will help us to to trace this more easily.

Research Data Australia is a project of the Australian National Data Service which helps researchers find, access, and reuse data from over one hundred Australian research organisations, government agencies, and cultural institutions. It does not store the data itself but provides descriptions of, and links to, the data from their data publishing partners such as APO. Research Data Australia caters specifically for researchers but also has broader relevance to others including policy makers, educators and business people.

Research Data Australia covers a broad spectrum of research fields – across sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. Much of the data is immediately accessible online via partners and free to use (subject to any licence conditions) while some may require login or permission from the data holder given privacy and ethics obligations.

With support under the ANDS High Value Collections program and Swinburne University, APO has been enhancing our capacity to host datasets by implementing some of the additional metadata required and the record and interoperability systems to be compatible with the RDA service. We are very pleased to say that it is all done!

If you are interested in having APO host your data and/or documents including providing full bibliographic metadata, identifiers and long term management you can add directly to the database for moderation (you will need to register or login first) or contact editors@apo.org.au for more information.