APO website updates

The APO website has undergone some improvements lately.  These changes include the addition of the My APO button on the home page for quick access to the APO dashboard, a dedicated Advertise page, and a Footer to improve navigation.

The My APO dashboard update applies to all contributors and advertisers who upload content to the site as well as website users employing the bookmarking tool.

Dashboard myAPO

Users need to be registered and logged in to access the My APO dashboard. Once they are in the My APO dashboard view, they will have access to all their listings and bookmarks. Users can add new blocks to the dashboard configuration simply by clicking on ‘Add a block’.

Add a block view

Another handy feature of the My APO dashboard is the ability to move blocks around by clicking and dragging the boxes – so users can configure the dash to suit their needs.

Dash drag

We’ve also introduced a dedicated Advertise page that includes the Rate Card, instructions on how to use self service to list classified Events, Jobs, Courses and Calls & Notices, and the Digital Creative Spec Sheet. Logged in users can purchase classified advertising directly from this page (this can also be accessed via My APO).

Advertise 2.png

And finally, we’ve introduced a Footer to enable improved navigation from all of our pages.


We hope that these changes will benefit APO users and provide them with a more streamlined user experience. As always, we appreciate your feedback on website updates and usability. Please contact APO if you have comments or queries about the website.