Contribute to APO for research engagement and impact


Posting your research publications, discussion papers, data, videos and other resources to APO is a great way to find new audiences via our newsletters and Twitter posts but APO is able to value add in many other ways.

When APO hosts your content we can provide metrics on downloads and pages views. We support better citation and interoperability of data and grey literature by applying APO DOIs (digital object identifiers) which act as permanent urls back to record. DOIs are used by other systems such as university research management software, social media monitoring companies such as Altmetrics and Plum Analytics, other identifier systems such as the researchers ID system Orcid etc. so they are becoming a key part of information plumbing.

When we start a new feature collection, such as Digital Inclusion, relevant content already on the database is brought together  in new ways that ensure it is discoverable and usable for ongoing research needs. And by hosting your content we can guarantee that it isn’t lost in the next website update or change of government!

APO content ranks higly in Google and is also discoverable in other collections and aggregators such as Trove, World Cat (a global database of library resources) and Core.

You can add older content as well as your latest data or publication. To post content go to or contact the editorial team at to discuss your needs.