Analysis & Policy Observatory is born

On Wednesday 17 May Australian Policy Online became Analysis and Policy Observatory as our new website design and logo went live. We wanted to keep our URL and acronym as it is so well known and of course we didn’t want to break links! So we have been thinking for a long time what else APO could stand for.

This change has been a long time coming as we have been thinking how to expand our services and the scope of APO content due to the demands of the policy space to be both national and international.

We also felt that the idea of an Observatory made it clearer that APO is a knowledge commons and a repository service and taps into a term used widely in Europe, South America and other places.

The new site is built in Drupal – one of the most popular open source CMS – and we have worked Drupal hard to turn it into repository software. We are still on Drupal 7 as there were many modules that we need that have not yet been updated but we have rebuilt with an eye to migrating to Drupal 8 or even 9 in future.

There are still many aspects of the old site still to be migrated so if things are missing please be patient but if you want them urgently let us know as this helps us to prioritise.

Email with any comments or requests or leave a comment on the blog.