APO now features a curated collection on digital health

Great news! APO now features a curated, online Digital Health grey literature collection. The Collection examines aspects of digital health systems that promise to improve and transform healthcare. It explores the evidence of what actually works, and the ongoing policy discussions on how to implement change that delivers positive health benefits at a system level.

The Collection is part of a Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) project, Linked semantic platforms for social and physical infrastructure and wellbeing, funded by the Australian Research Council.

Digital Health CRC participants (including our PhD students and post docs) may find the Collection very useful in accessing and reviewing grey literature from government and industry relevant to their projects.

Our participants may also wish to contribute to the Collection with reports generated from their own projects and research, to make the findings more widely available and increase their impact.

Additionally, the Collection will be a useful resource for government and industry, for strategic planning and policy in the digital health space.

As part of its service, APO provides free policy Briefings to researchers and others. Anyone is welcome to contribute a resource to APO – its editors can then allocate the resource to a specific collection.

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from the Digital Health CRC Newsletter – August 2019 edition. You can read the original article here. Subscribe to future editions of the Digital Health CRC Newsletter for free (go to the bottom of the homepage to enter your details).