APO for students

With Semester 1 fast approaching, we’ve produced a handy new guide for students studying public policy and social issues – as well as tools for lecturers and librarians to introduce students to APO.

Discover your policy studies ‘secret weapon’

As ‘toga, toga, toga’ echoes around Swinburne University Campus, you can be sure that we’ve once again encountered that very special time of year…
O Week. Meanwhile, university staff are madly preparing their course materials for the rest of the semester.

With this in mind, APO is making it easier than ever for staff to introduce students to their new policy studies ‘secret weapon’ – and for students to discover APO’s vast repository of digital public policy resources.

Guides for students and lecturers

Students who are studying public policy or social issues at any level are invited to access our new student page at apo.org.au/students. Make sure that you view our Student How to Guide to learn how to search APO for resources for your assignments. You can also Subscribe to our free Briefing service for regular updates from the policy sphere.

If you’re a university course coordinator or lecturer you can download our Lecture Slide to introduce your students to APO. Or, if you’re a tutor or librarian you can download our Tutorial Exercise Slide to use in class. 

Download our quick guides for students, lecturers, librarians and tutors

Tell us what you think

Here at APO, we hope that we can make your studies just that little bit easier – once you finally stop wearing that toga and decide to knuckle down! Haha, just kidding. Seriously though, we’re always looking for ways to help our student community, so please feel free to contact us with your questions or feedback.