APO Weekly Briefings are back

Aware of ever-growing amounts of public policy research, APO moved to a daily alert service a few months ago. However, some of you have told us you’d prefer to see just the biggest reports of the week.  Therefore we have reinstated Weekly Briefings on Wednesday in addition to our Daily Briefings from Monday to Friday.

APO Weekly Briefings contain a mix of the most read reports each week plus editors’ picks of reports we think should have received more attention.  If you would prefer to receive a weekly digest – or would like these in addition to your daily dose – please update your subscription preferences in the footer of your APO newsletter or visit our Subscribe page here.

In coming weeks we will bring back our subject focussed emails too.  APO now offers more choice for more people. Please tell your friends and colleagues if you think they would benefit from any of our free APO offerings.