Get a DOI

What is a DOI?

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) gives you a permanent link to your research online, allowing for consistent citation of research with no danger of dead links. DOIs greatly enhance discoverability and retrieval of content for researchers and institutions.

Thanks to an Australian National Data Service (ANDS)-funded project, APO is able to mint DOIs for research and data hosted on the APO database.

Due to the increasing problem of dead links when content is moved or removed from its original location, APO must host a full-text copy of any resource minted with a DOI, in order for us to guarantee stable, long-term access.

Why should I get a DOI?

DOI minting is becoming one of the most popular international standards for data citation and is considered best practice.

The ability to measure the impact of policy research will be drastically improved through this process, as when research is regularly cited and accessible, it achieves greater legitimacy and importance.

How do I get a DOI?

You will need to  Register as a new user or Login if you are already a contributor.
If you have forgotten your password simply request a new one. 

Full text required: Please note, APO must be able to host a copy of your research to mint a DOI as we provide long term access to the resource via the DOI link.

Before you have published

If you would like a DOI in advance to include on the final publication or data, please add the following details to APO:

  • Title of publication
  • Author/s of publication
  • Publisher
  • Publication date (DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Short description (100-500 words)

Then email to request a DOI. You will need to upload the full text prior to the record being published.


If your materials have been finalised and a DOI cannot be added, please upload the resource Add a Resource with some basic information:



Once your listing is live share the DOI on social media or on your email footer etc so people can find your resource and cite your article.


Author: Amanda Lawrence

Amanda Lawrence worked at APO from mid 2006 until the end of 2018.